"Comment is free, but facts are sacred"
:- C. P. Scott

Education is an ultimate weapon to transform this world and if combined with technology and media, it will enhance the beauty of a democratic country. VSEF - Vishwa Samvad Education Foundation stands by this adage and aspires to uplift every brain that craves for knowledge and wants to be nurtured for a bright future. Established in the year 2007 with a concrete objective of fostering fresh thinking and innovation, VSEF today manifests the glorious decade of excellence in the field of media education and journalism with NIMCJ. We are people-centred organisation, striving to optimize the potential of our people with quality education. We at VSEF, have a motive to revolutionize the way higher education is provided to young minds with our unique approach of fostering creativity and embracing technology.

Vision :

We strive to convert mirrors into not windows but golden doors of opportunities with exceptional education and making it available to each and every individual who is hungry for knowledge.

Mission :

To establish proper fourth pillar of democracy. Become its real strength & to strengthen fourth pillar of democracy in a right way i.e.: - "Media".


  • To bridge the gap between the expected level of journalism and its current status by providing continuous guidance and support.
  • To develop young minds who will cater the needs of society within the purview of the values of the society.
  • To encourage research in the fields of journalism and mass communication which will result in qualitative changes in these fields.
  • To support blossoming buds by removing the clutches of economic and social constrains.

The basic idea of the trust is that use and availability of information should be free from the fear of the consequences.


Communication is a very important mode to bring changes in any society andhence, with the same aim weprovide education in these field along with thefacilities like advance research and career development within the purview of professional and cultural values. Our trust fulfils its objective byparticipating in the establishment of educational institutions where theyoung buds will be transformed into responsible citizens who will serve thesociety and will cater the needs of the society.

To fulfil its objectives, the trust had formed an Institute named National Institute of Mass-Communication & Journalism (NIMCJ) in the year 2007. This institute is also Recognised with Gujarat University to assure the authenticity of the education. The trust has been successfully running the institution since last 10 years and it has been done on self-reliant basis.

The upcoming project of the trust is National Institute of Media, Communication and Research (NIMCaR) which is further extension of NIMCJ. It aims at providing a wide and ultimate solution to the aspirant students to maketheir career in the field of Mass communication & Journalism.

The ultimate goal of our trust is to fulfilits responsibility towards the society by keeping them aware of their surroundings, both Nationally and Internationally and also by supporting the developing minds
who want to establish themselves in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.